Take the confusion out of probate

Everybody needs a little help, from time to time. Probate is an immensely confusing, and complex task. It’s all too easy to find yourself overwhelmed, with nobody to turn to. You don’t need to struggle alone. At probate made simple, we can help you as much, or as little as you need.

Let us be a helping hand to guide you through your probate journey.

Why not take a look at our no nonsense, jargon free probate services, and then click for more details.

Help With Probate

I want help with a probate application:

Anybody who’s confident about probate, but wants to make sure their documentation is accurate, and error free. The perfect entry level solution, with a helping hand to get you started.

Probate Application Help

I want help with application and distribution:

This is the perfect solution for those who already have the financial details, but want a specialist to complete probate for them. Taking advantage of the initial work done by you.

We'll Handle Probate

I want you to handle everything:

Designed for those who want a stress-free experience, with minimal complications. Our experienced legal team handle absolutely everything. Making probate both efficient, and worry free.

Pre-Paid Probate Plan

I want to secure a pre-paid probate plan:

When you’re sure you’ll need specialist help, but not for everything. You pay upfront, and then utilise our services, as and when you need them.

Need expert advice, but without the excessive cost?

Normally, when you need to navigate probate you’re stuck with fat cat bankers, or needlessly expensive solicitors charging hourly rates, or percentage fees. When you receive your final bill, it can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

There is another way though.

At probate made simple, we’re not just solicitors, following a paint by numbers template. We’re industry leading specialists in probate law. We know how to navigate probate efficiently, and we always look to be cost effective. This means we can pass on those saving to you by offering our services for a fair price.

We know you’re already dealing with an emotional time. That’s why our experts are always on hand, and will always support you. Every step of the way.

Your FREE Guide

Avoid the pitfalls with our free probate guide, explaining everything you need to know about handling probate yourself. We’ll guide you step-by-step through the process and explain what you need to and why.

“We contacted Michael at Probate Made Simple regarding my mother’s Will. At the time, the Will was held by another firm of solicitors and they wanted to charge £4,000 plus VAT to carry out the probate work. After talking through our needs, Michael suggested a fee of £960 inc VAT would cover the work required. Probate Made Simple handled all aspects of the case and settled the probate in full for us, saving us £3,840 in fees. We can’t recommend them highly enough!

Beth & James